Our Services

On Hire/Pre-purchase Inspections:

Prior to lease or purchase, equipment is physically evaluated for its current structural integrity as well as its perspective physical and cosmetic longevity in respect to purchase or term of lease. All worthy equipment will be documented as to current condition and existing repairs as well as non conforming repair standards to circumvent future costly in-service and off hire expenses. All defects and damages will be written for corrective repair or rejection prior to lease or purchase.

  • Container on hire inspections
  • All equipment sales and purchase inspections
  • All cargo equipment CSC/ACEP update inspections and shipping sticker/certificates
  • Chassis on hire inspections
  • Chassis FHWA/FMCSA inspections
  • Refrigeration Containers inspections
  • Open Top Containers inspections
  • Flat Rack inspections
  • Generator inspections

Off Hire Inspections/Claims Adjusting:

Off hire service aka claim adjusting is an art. Achieving success performing this task is directly related to several key factors. Those factors are but not limited to: accurate on hire information (if available) as described above, knowledge of repair standards and how overlapping damage effects repairs and labor costs, being able to differentiate damage from wear and deterioration as well as latent inherent defects due to design floors. These are key requirements in making any fair and honest settlement of liability.

  • Container equipment
  • Chassis equipment
  • Refrigeration Container equipment
  • Open Top Container equipment
  • Flat Rack equipment
  • Generator equipment
  • Tank equipment

In-Service, Terminal, Depot, Pier Inspections:

In-service damage inspections are treated like a direct extension of customer managerial responsibility. It is not enough to simple make the call on damage repairs. The surveyor should always be the customers eyes in the field. Inspector will always take into consideration equipment's overall condition and physical ability to continue performing its duty safely within CSC/ACEP or FMCSA/FHWA standards. A recommendation to terminate, sell or return to Lessor for swap out, is essential in building a Lessee’s, Owner or Operators knowledge of fleet profile in respect to deteriorating equipment allowing an operator to manage a cost effective safe fleet.

  • All cargo equipment CSC/ACEP update inspections and shipping sticker/certificates
  • Container equipment dry or loaded
  • Chassis equipment dry or loaded
  • Chassis FHWA/FMCSA inspections
  • Refrigeration Container equipment
  • Open Top Container equipment
  • Flat Rack equipment
  • Generator equipment

Additional Services:

  • Program and policy development, drafting and implementation incorporating operations, maintenance and equipment control.
  • Arbitration
  • Tire programs
  • ACEP programs
  • Terminal lift equipment damage investigations
  • Terminal damage equipment investigations
  • Terminal accident investigations
  • Insurance investigations
  • Road accident investigations
  • Equipment defect evaluation and documenting
  • Equipment defect modification designing and drafting
  • Refurbishment, Re-framing and New construction programs, audits and inspections
  • Equipment inventories
  • Depot audits
  • Terminal audits
  • Detailed fleet evaluations and purging
  • Financial equipment/fleet evaluations and appraisals

About Us

Established in April 1990 Independent Marine Surveyors aka IMS started operating as a full service equipment management/Inspection company effectively reducing and controlling maintenance and operating costs for its clients. Services and program development were provided with a full understanding of operations and equipment management. So effective was this approach that by 1995 IMS although the smallest, was the busiest inspection/management company in the New Jersey/New York area. By 1997 IMS expanded it's representation to all major ports and inland locations in the country.

Independent Marine Surveyors success as a company has everything to do with hands on experience. The owner John Citarella as a young man had a mechanical background focused on small engine, marine engine and pump repair as well as hand laid structural fiberglass hull design and processes.

"There is no substitute for experience"

John was later groomed in the Intermodal/Maritime leasing industry during the transitional technology period. Working from the ground up at Xtra Inc. a world wide specialty leasing company that owned its own repair facilities, Intermodal Inc.. John had the opportunity to develop his managerial skills working with a brilliant engineer, L. Henry Boyd, as well as accountants and VP’s who directly interacted with each other developing programs and building industry.

From filing interchanges to writing policy, standards and procedures, John worked all facets of leasing Co. and repair facility functions pioneering chassis refurbishment, re-framing and modification programs as well as receiving a tire re-manufacturing education. Holding managerial positions from 1978 through 1988 in equipment control, operations, leasing, repair facility and sales resulted in a well rounded broad education thus holding a corporate director position prior to opening Independent Marine Surveyors LLC. in 1990.